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Food trolley cart with square pipe and wooden board

           The food trolley manufacturer, Shyh Geng, presents foldable carts with wooden boards and a square pipe structure. Wooden board foldable food trolley carts with square pipe adopt a more-stable square pipe structure, and have a higher loading capacity than iron board foldable trolley. Clients can choose from standard models, models without iron baskets, models with extra wooden board tiers, full cover models, and flip-top models. A full-cover wooden board foldable trolley with square pipe has a larger top wooden board tier, designed to cover plastic parts for more convenient usage. Flip-top model has an entire top wooden board instead of a standard top wooden board tier, which is formed by 2 pieces of MDF boards. Smaller sizes of square pipe wooden board foldable trolleys can also be found under this category to suit clients’ needs. These models are also ideal as foldable tea trolleys, offering a practical option for serving beverages.