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Foldable Trolley

SHYH GENG | Trolley Factory | OEM/ODM Furniture Manufacturer

SHYH GENG offers a whopping 57 different folding trolleys, with a variety of materials and functions to meet your every need. Choose from stainless steel, wood, iron, or even acrylic shelves to match your style. Every trolley comes equipped with wheels for easy mobility, and depending on the model, can handle loads from 5 to 20 kgs. Whether you need to move lightweight items or something heavier, there's a SHYH GENG trolley that's perfect for the job.


Customization at its Fineste

We encourage our clients to participate in the design process, ensuring each trolley seamlessly integrates into their workplace or specific usage scenario. Whether you need specific dimensions, unique features, or branding elements, we'll work with you to create the perfect trolley for your needs.