Tailored to Your Needs: Custom Catering Trolleys on Wheels

Catering trolley on wheels with handle frame and wooden board

Various Board Styles to Choose From

SHYH GENG’s catering trolley on wheels provide wooden board options of more than 10 colors, including bamboo color, walnut color, light driftwood color, dark driftwood color, maple color, dark wood color, cherry wood color, red cherry wood color, beech color, white wood color, black wood color, coffee color, marble color, etc. The various wooden board color choices allow you to choose according to different occasions and needs.


Customised Trolley : Diverse Surface Treatments

The surface of each part—iron pipes, iron baskets, and iron bars—can be treated differently, such as iron pipes and iron bars being electroplated, and iron basket being white. This kind of treatment can not only increase the durability of the product, but also improve product aesthetics.