Kitchen Trolley Manufacturer | Folding Kitchen Trolley


Why Choose Us ?

Trendy Design

As a kitchen trolley manufacturer Shyh Geng offers practical, down-to-earth, fashionable as well as inspiring design to the clients.

Folding Furniture Expert

Shyh Geng takes pride in being the leading manufacturer of folding K/D furniture and folding kitchen trolley in Taiwan.

Wide Product Range

From home-use kitchen wagon trolley carts to folding storage shelf racks; from extendable clothes racks with casters to home organizer trolley with drawers.



We are a K/D furniture and kitchen trolley manufacturer in Taiwan, specializing in the production and export of patented, high-quality, and competitively priced DIY metal tube KD furniture, including folding kitchen trolleys.

Our furniture products are suitable for living room, bedroom, study, bathroom, kitchen, cloakroom, office, camping, party, barbecue, picnic, etc.

Our products save space, are easy to assemble, extend and retract, stylish, versatile and user-friendly. Besides mass-produced furniture, we accept your small order of customized furniture as well.